2. alchemistascendant:

    Hahaha, bit t∞∞ hardcore a h∞bby for me. I stick to things less likely t∞ get me injured or killed. G∞∞d luck though! Hope you have fun!

    € I am sure I will!!!

    € Good luck with… Uh… Whatever you do!!!

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  3. alchemistascendant:

    Ahh, a fighter. That explains that gl∞ves, I guess. 

    The rings d∞n’t have a usual schedule? Figure it’d be hard to attract cust∞mers that way.

    € As far as I am concerned, the less rules the better…

    € And sometimes those ones have to go on the down low… Either that or they shut down to avoid attention!!!

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  4. alchemistascendant:

    Ahh, yeah, hate when that happens. Usually when I d∞n’t change my s∞p∞r. Tried some exercise? Rub ∞ne out?

    € Working out is what I was planning on!!!

    € Well… Sort of… I am hoping that one of the rings is open tonight!!!

    € I think I just need a good throw down…

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  5. alchemistascendant:

    N∞body as lovely as y∞u should be having a bad night. What’s up?

    € I just had a really bad dream I guess…

    € But thanks for the compliment…

    € But yeah… Woke up from that and now I just feel all sorts of edgy!!!

    € You know!?!

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  6. € Well that was pretty shitty…


  7. Well… I still h^ve ^ll these fossils…

    ^ny t^kers?

    I’ll tr^de for ^lmost ^nything.


  8. I am house sitting for my mom and cannot decide if I want to drag my computer over there or not.


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  10. Anonymous asked: Ceanna what are some things you find sexually attractive?

    ^ powerful mind is sexy. ^nd powerful ^rms too.