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    Women of Steel

    deep, heavy breathing

    Give me armour and let me kill some shit.

    pay special attention to the lack of boob cups and thank you

    (via speedo-roleplays)


  2. Anonymous said: Live long enough to become the villian Murian

    > You meet the glazing stare of your victim from behind a full faced helmet, breathing heavily as you mutter to them that they were the scum of Alternia. When had you become this? A puppet of the empire, driving a sword through anybody who spoke against the throne. You could feel cold sweat trickle down your face as the echoes of the past rattled inside your helm. He… What would he say. What say did he have. He was dead… Dead but he wouldn’t approve of.

    > Your thoughts of hesitation are cut short as a pain jolts through a good portion of your nervous system, dropping you to your knees as you arms and fingers twitch. Instinctively you reach for the helmet, trying to pull it off, which only leads to a second and more powerful shock. You fall forward, beside the corpse of the rebellious troll you had struck down.

    > Your handler would have to come get you once again, and you would of course have to go through another cleansing. Eventually you would forget ever being Murian. You would forget his voice. And you would become Dartmoor the Deadnite


  3. Anonymous said: Live long enough to become the villian Pettah

    > You stand over the troll, foaming from the mouth and bleeding from at least as many orifices as you could see. Your tongue drags across your teeth. At this point the image was far from a problem for you. They had something you needed and certainly nobody would figure it out anyway. At least nobody had so far.

    > You squat by the yellow blood for a moment, prodding a robotic finger against his cheek as you examine the flush of their skin. Yeah. That color was close enough to yours, all you had to do was figure out where they stored their pails for collection day. Not your favorite activity, but hey, you only had to do this once a year for the rest of your life.


  4. /\/\/\WELL THEN\/\/\/


    /\/\/\Man, are you sure that’s pigmentation?\/\/\/

    /\/\/\Cause like, it looks like you’ve been cursed or something\/\/\/



  5. /\/\/\WELL THEN\/\/\/




    >Be subtle


    >Incredibly subtle

    > Always the eye. You really should consider wearing sunglasses in public or something like that.

    N-n•thing is g•ing •n with it. It just l••ks different, that is all.

    We see just fine, it just has strange pigmentati•n.


  6. /\/\/\WELL THEN\/\/\/




    Why are y•u staring at us?


  7. /\/\/\WELL THEN\/\/\/



    /\/\/\So, it seems my hive was ransacked while I was away.\/\/\/

    /\/\/\While most Trolls would assume it was burglars.  I know the truth\/\/\/

    /\/\/\Clearly, my last show hit a bit too close to home with some of the supernatural denizens of this planet and they are making a half-hearted effort to keep me silenced!\/\/\/

    /\/\/\Also, does anyone have a sleeping bag I can borrow…  Somehow they managed to run off with my ‘coon as well.\/\/\/

    We happen t• have an extra bedr•ll, actually.

    We… F•und it at a very aband•ned campsite and decided t• take it.

    Th•ugh we are certainly perplexed by the idea •f a tr•ll absc•nding with a wh•le c••n


  8. Everyday Crazy Random Happenstance => Closed Rp


    "Well ‘round the beach they have ice cream vendors and it is awfully hot." 

    => you offer her a smile as you start to walk her towards the beach. It’s the opposite direction of your hive but you’re in no hurry. Especially not if it means you can spend some time with her. 

    "So how have things been since I’ve seen you last? Leather work showing go well? I know you were nervous about it."

    (( temerariousursidae))

    > You are comforted to say the least, taken from your own thoughts for a bit of a good time, you couldn’t deny to yourself that this was the preferable course to take.

    "Oh, not beary eventful to be honest. The whole thing hasn’t been organized yet, but I will let you know when it is of course. Though I am not beary nervours fur it anymore."

    (( podkahuna ))


  9. Leave ‘Lived long enough to become the villain’ to get a glimpse of my muse being a villain.


  10. Everyday Crazy Random Happenstance => Closed Rp


    => You try not to frown when she mentioned her mate not paying attention to her but decide to off her your company. 

    "I was jus’ out for a walk myself. Would you like to come with me? We could troll watch together …or I could take ya to the beach and see if we can spot any whales?" 

    (( temerariousursidae))

    "I would fury much appreciate some company and a walk." 

    You give a smile that loosely veiled a look of relief as you move to show you are more than ready to start moving.

    "Here or the beach. I am not clawfully picky eithrawr way."