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  2. bureaurcratictommygun:


    "yeah okay sure whetever yous say lady. But before you leave are you gonna actually order sumfin’ or did yous just come in here to act all existnetial then lie to my face b’fore leavin’? ‘cause if so you just wasted your time."

    o==}{ if it is what I came here for ==>

    o==}{ it is less a waste of time ==>

    o==}{ and more a job well done ==>

    o==}{ toodles ==>

    > You abscond, moving quickly once you are on the street, time to go back hive. Leaving was a horrible idea.

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  3. bureaurcratictommygun:

    He gives her a look that can best be described in the phrase

    what the actual fuck did you just say?

    he stares her down for a moment before he speaks again

    "why th’ fuck would you need to watch over a corpse? it ain’t goin’ nowhere."

    o==}{ I am delusional ==>

    o==}{ likely unstable too ==>

    o==}{ probably best to ignore what I just said ==>

    > You try and force a smile and begin to gather yourself, standing up to leave. Clearly being in public was only going to be more trouble, since you clearly can’t keep your trap shut.

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  4. bureaurcratictommygun:

    the troll raises an eyebrow at her


    "what th’ hell is corpse sittin’?"

    he asked as he wiped flour off of his hands onto his apron

    o==}{ I am watching over the corpse ==>

    o==}{ of a deceased troll ==>

    o==}{ while I wait for the disposal drones ==>

    o==}{ of course ==>

    > Flawless execution of a flawless lie. At least you believe it is.

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  5. bureaurcratictommygun:


    he rolls his eyes at her

    "alright excuse me, take your time please. but can i ask why yous is comin’ to a cafe and gettin’ all existential and whatnot?"

    o==}{ because I have been corpse sitting ==>

    o==}{ and staring the mortality of kin in the face ==>

    o==}{ however common place it may be ==>

    o==}{ is still unsettling ==>

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  6. bureaurcratictommygun:


    yeah that’s interestin’ n’ all lady, but yous can’t just loiter ‘round my cafe. you gotta order somethin’ or leave.

    o==}{ excuse you ==>

    o==}{ I will take my leave then ==>

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  7. o==}{ I know it is probably not healthy ==>

    o==}{ for me to keep staying around here just ==>

    o==}{ waiting ==>

    o==}{ but I can knot bring myself to leave ==>

    o==}{ it reminds me of a story ==>

    o==}{ I heard it when I was young ==>

    o==}{ but I do knot recall many details ==>



    Partay in the roleplay house!

    And by party I mean brownies and dinosaur shaped candles…

    My baby is all grown up~


  9. o==}{ never listen when ==>
    o==}{ somebody says
    o==}{ the dead look peaceful ==>
    o==}{ they look like the dead ==>
    o==}{ still and frozen ==>
    o==}{ no peace nor pain ==>
    o==}{ just void ==>

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